Where To Buy: http://bit.ly/SproutMarket_LikeAVegan (Use this link to get 15% off + free shipping on your first order)

Note:  Sprout Market have listened to customer feedback and are working to make some improvements – read below for some more deets.

As a new homeowner, I’m conscious of the fact that the stuff we often clean our houses with aren’t always the dopest choices for the environment. Luckily, Sprout Market stock a whole bunch of cleaning products that are better for the us, the environment and of course, the animals.

The greatest thing about this being my own home is that I can make the choice about what I clean my house with. While in my day-to-day life I’m not always the most natch gal, I happen to care a whole bunch about covering my home in chemicals unnecessarily. Unlike supermarkets, that may have a handful of eco-friendly cleaning stuff, Sprout Market have pages and pages of products from different ethically-minded brands for you to choose from – at a massively discounted price (once you’ve joined)!

Let’s start in the kitchen (bc that’s obvs the most important place to start). Ecostore Dish Liquid in Lemon is a chemical-free, powerful formula that keeps your dishes and the environment clean. Normally, you’d be looking at dropping $6.95 on this stuff but with Sprout Market’s 28% discount, you’ll only pay $5.00.

I do not have time to mess with the hassles of doing laundry, let alone the time to worry about what I’m washing my clothes with. Ecostore Wool & Delicates Wash is great for all of your delicate and black clothing (obvs I ain’t washing wool) and smells of amazing eucalyptus. With a saving of 28% you’re paying just $9.30 instead of $12.95 – bargain! You also wanna keep your clothes soft, so you may wanna chuck a little Ecologic Fabric Softener in there too! It’s a mild formula, scented with lavender and uses aloe to keep your stuff feelin’ like a cloud for only $10.20 (that’s 21% off the RRP of $12.95).

Bathrooms are pretty gross and the grossest part of the bathroom is the toilet. Ugh. Luckily I’ve been keeping that thing clean with minimal effort using Ecostore Toilet Cleaner in Citrus. A little squirt under the rim, a little scrub (if ya need it), a flush and then you’re done. With a discount of 28%, you’re paying $7.20 instead of $9.95 to keep your toilet so fresh and so clean, clean.

If you were to replicate this box of cleaning goodies elsewhere, you’d be paying $42.80 but with a Sprout Market membership you’re only dropping $31.70 – a massive saving of $11.10 that you can spend on a vegan burger or something delicious.

So, to the Sprout Market issue I mentioned above! I heard about some of the issues people were having with Sprout Market and reached out to see if they could help shed some light on what’s going down. Like Netflix or other membership services, Sprout Market gives you one month free membership to try out Sprout Market. After a month, if you don’t cancel, the subscription fee will be deducted – pretty standard, right? The problemo is that people have been finding it hard to get the cancellation to occur and that yearly fee is coming out, which sucks! Sprout Market know it sucks too, so they’re working on making this cancellation process much easier for shoppers. A great result! You can also read more about Sprout Market here.

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