South Africa is one of the top ten countries in the worldOpens in a new window that produces vegan food, ahead of Spain, Italy and Germany, showing that there is a demand for vegan food from both locals and people visiting South Africa on their travels. As a vegan traveller it can be daunting visiting a new country or city when you don’t know if you’ll be able to eat a proper meal while you’re there. But South Africa can promise to feed you delicious vegan food during your stay if you know where to look.

Use the Vegan SA restaurant listings

Avocado and tomato taco by Artem BulbfishOur own website has proven to be a very useful resource, to both overseas guests and local South Africans, in helping find vegan places to eat in each major urban area of the country.

Download the Happy Cow app

South Africa’s legislative capital Cape TownOpens in a new window is home to around 60 vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, but finding them can be a challenge. Happy Cow is an invaluable source that can be used worldwide, making it particularly good for travellers. There is both a website and an app, which works offline too if you do a search and save it when you’re connected to the internet. Search any location to find local restaurantsOpens in a new window, cafes, health food shops, bakeries, b&bs and much more that are nearby. You can filter your search in various ways to find exactly what you’re looking for. Users can post photos and reviews to give you an idea of what’s on offer and it’ll give you a rough price idea too.

Join a Facebook group

There are plenty of Facebook groups for veganism in South Africa or travelling vegans where you can post to say where you’re visiting and what you’re looking for. Other vegans love to share information and resources about vegan food, shops and products and will happily help you out. Locals can be more knowledgeableOpens in a new window and up-to-date than Happy Cow as things can change quickly, such as a vegan food truck visiting briefly or a restaurant that starts trialling vegan food.

The South Africa Vegan Society

The SA Vegan Society was formed in 2007 and aims to ensure that a vegan lifestyle is accessible, enjoyable and sustainable in South Africa. They offer the Vegan Society trademark logo to companies to confirm that products are vegan-friendly, helping consumers choose what to buy. They also hold events, such as bring-and-share picnics at local parks, to encourage people to get together. If you’re travelling to South Africa and staying for a while, this can be a great way to meet other vegans and talk to like-minded people. The Vegan Society is also an international organization, so you’ll probably already be familiar with it and trust them.

Researching before you travel is a good way to plan where there are a lot of vegan options available to you. You can also use Happy Cow’s offline feature to save places that you want to visit, which is useful if you don’t have a connection once you arrive. Try to network with other local vegans or vegans who travel as they can offer you valuable insights and tips so that you have access to great food during your stay in South Africa.

Written by Sally Perkins

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