Sweat Social is for those babes + kens who want to get fitter whilst having a fun workout and meeting likeminded people. 

When I first moved to Australia, I was keen to meet likeminded gals who are interested in fitness, wellness and rituals that took place in the beautiful and godly hours of the day –  mornings and afternoons. Michelle, who is one of my now workout buddies won 2 tickets to a Sweat Social event, and kindly invited me to come along!

GC Sweatathlon was the first event I went to, and I was hooked. We had 3 back to back workouts, at 3 different locations followed by a complimentary and  rewarding acai bowl. First off we had our hair braided at the braid bar, before going in for an intense HIIT training at F45, sweaty AS we then drove to a cycling studio where we did an even sweatier spinning class, we then, jelly legged walked over to a yoga studio across the road to stretch out our pumped bodies, where the shivasana never felt so good. 

I loved it so much that I came to another Sweat & Reset event that they held in Brisbane. This one we had complimentary massages before our workout which was such a lovely touch! We had a ‘Primal’ workout with the guys from Science of Fitness, where they link fitness with our brains – it was super intense and repetitive movements in a HIIT style training, my friend Danielle and I were dying by the end of it!

My favourite part was yoga with Dr Laura Elliot, I really love ending my sweaty workout sessions with a yoga class, and some mindfulness. Laura is such a gorgeous yoga teacher, who incorporates a lot of yogi ethos into her classes, which makes you dive deeper and reflect during your practise – which felt so invigorating and grounding. 

Every event ends with healthy yummy treats, this time Miss Bliss Cafe served us up porridge, and gorgeous nibbles which were perfect post workout. 

After having attended 3 of Sweat Social events, I can honestly say they are always so fun, full of gorgeous girlies and men, some who are just starting their fitness journeys, and some who are fitness guru’s! They also make you feel like you are part of a community, and what a better way to spend a morning or afternoon than to sweat and mingle?

Kelly, who is the mastermind behind these events really knows how to make these events epic! Not only do you get a braid bar at each event, so your locks don’t get in your sweaty face, but she finds the most epic venues and fitness instructors for us to get sweaty with! I really love how creative, well-put together these events are, and I always get to connect with other females and work on my fitness goals simultaneously! 

If you wanted to experience one of their events, mark Sunday 24th February 2019 in your calendar and be prepared for it to be pretty extravagant, as it is the first event of 2019 so I know it will be pretty big! 

Sweat Social has also recently launched their monthly Sweat Socialite memberships for only $20 a month you get some amazing perks, including very generous goodie bags at end of each event, which I have been lucky enough to receive before, and I wasn’t disappointed!

If you wanted to attend something similar in London, then check out Sweat + Sound events. 

Have you ever been to a fitness event like this? What is it that you love about them the best?


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