Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan are three bordering South Caucasian countries, with unique beliefs, customs and traditions. Despite the differences, there is one thing that is common for all of them –  so much to see and experience, and how everyone who visits falls in love with the warmth and extraordinary hospitality of the people.

In recent years, combined tours to Georgia, Armenia and Azarbaijan have become very popular amongst travellers. The Europeans get attracted to the ancient history, original traditions and moral values of the South Caucasian nations. I would also want to encourage you to visit and plunge into this absolutely new world, admire the nature, enjoy new spices and aromas. To facilitate your trip planning we’ve gathered Top 10 must-do’s for each country:

5 things to do in Armenia

1. A must see view from of Mount Ararat.

Mount Ararat is sacred for all Armenians. And despite the fact that it is no longer part of Armenia’s territory, Armenians still hope that one day Ararat will again belong to their motherland. The best view of the mountain can be enjoyed only in Armenia. You can visit observation areas in Yerevan or travel to Khor Virap Monastery for that.

2. Degustation of cognac in the cellars.

Almost all tours that tour around Yerevan without a doubt include the degustation of cognac in the cellars of the Yerevan Brandy Factory. The quality and taste of Armenian brandy is well-known all over the world. One of the most popular brands is of course, ArArAt. Its large cellars store huge oak barrels with cognac, the aroma of oak and cognac, the atmosphere of the whole cellar and the factory are worth the visit!

3. To buy a souvenir on Vernissage.

Vernissage is the largest and most popular open air souvenir market in the very centre of the capital. If you are planning to buy national souvenirs, pictures, jewellery and so on – Vernissage is definitely the best place to do so. 

4. To ride on the longest cable car “Wings of Tatev”

The longest cable car stretches in Armenia over the most picturesque gorge Vorotan. “Wings of Tatev” became the longest cable car in the world (5752 meters), and it is now recorded in the Genius Book of Records! The cable car will give you 12 unforgettable minutes of flight at an altitude of 320 meters. At the end of the flight you will see amazing medieval Tatev Monastery.

5. Explore the ancient manuscripts in Matenadaran

Matenadaran is a storage of ancient manuscripts, found and collected from all parts of historical Armenia. The collected invaluable manuscripts  are an important part of history and culture of Armenia. Matenadaran stores more than 17,000 manuscripts and 100,000 archival documents. 

5 things to do in Georgia

1. Have a day out in sulfur baths

The sulphur baths in Tbilisi are one of the most popular tourist sights. They have unique and interesting sight. The Abanotubani district is part of Old Tbilisi with colourful houses, narrow streets, a small waterfall and sulfur baths. It is definitely worth visiting sulfur baths, if you are in the area and going for a dip! 

2. Take a walk along Batumi Boulevard

Batumi Boulevard stretches along the Black Sea coast, in the most beautiful resort town of Adjara. Batumi Boulevard was opened more than 150 years ago, and every year the boulevard is transformed to be even more and more captivating to the visitors. It is a must visit, stroll along the boulevard in the evening and enjoy the sunset, great opportunity for pictures!

3. Taste local Georgian wine in Kakheti

Your trip to Georgia won’t be complete without a glass of wine, and a view of the Alazani Valley. Kakheti is the province of winemaking and the Alazani Valley. It’s fertile land where the best grape varieties are grown for Georgian wines.

4. Visit the religious centre of Georgia

Mtskheta is not only the religious centre of Georgia, but also a beautiful city located at the meeting point of two rivers –  the Kura and Aragvi. There you can see the main landmarks – the monastery of Jvari, Svetochkhovali, Samtavro and other temples which are located nearby in the city. 

5. Take a photo of the cave town Uplistsikhe

The cave city is considered one of the first settlements on the territory of Georgia. According to history, the city was inhabited more than 3 thousand years ago and was a pagan centre. Uplistsikhe is a large rock with carved niches, passageways and throne room of Queen Tamara.

5 things to do in Azerbaijan

1. Enjoy tea in a tea house

Tea has a special place in the culture and life of Azerbaijanis. Leaf tea is called “black gold”, it is served in special small crystal glasses “Armuda” with traditional jam and pastries. Tea can be ordered at any cafe and restaurant, but it is best to arrange a tea party in a teahouse.

2. Admire the color show of Flame Towers

Flame Towers are the most impressive buildings in Baku. The towers are the highest skyscrapers in the capital, which can be seen from anywhere in the city. In the evening the animated show covers the Flame Towers. The buildings are illuminated with waves, flames, animations and the flag of Azerbaijan.

3. Have a sightseeing tour around the Old Town

It’s definitely worth visiting Old Baku or Icheri Sheher. The main attractions are Maiden Tower, Shirvanshah Palace, Juma Mosque, city baths and other historic houses of the Old Town.

4. Visit the burning mountain

The burning mountain looks like a scene from a fantastic movie, but it is quite real. Yanardag or the Fiery Mountain is a popular place for fans of everything mysterious. The mysterious phenomenon is very simple to be explained. The gas comes out of the ground and burns by getting in reaction with oxygen. As a result, the slopes of the mountain are constantly on fire.

5. Watch the sunset on Pink Lake

Pink Lake is one of the most beautiful places in Azerbaijan. The alge in the Masazyrgol lake turns the water into a gorgeous light pink colour, whilst the sand glistens like diamonds on the beach. Perfect spot for those Instagram worthy shots!

We hope you enjoyed these recommendations, and urge you to explore these less unexplored countries in our beautiful world. Marsha 

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