I was recently given the opportunity to interview Pauline Frommer. She is the daughter of Arthur Frommer, who is the founder of Frommer’s travel guide books. Her role at the company is as Editorial Director for the Frommer’s Guides. Pauline is one of the speakers at the upcoming Boston Travel and Adventure Show(Boston Travel and Adventure Show), taking place on February 9th and 10th. The topic of her talk will be budget-friendly travel. Our phone conversation lasted approximately 30 minutes. We spoke on the topic of budget-friendly travel.

Veganworldtrekker: How did you become interested in a career in the travel industry, besides the fact that your dad is the founder of the renowned Frommer’s travel guide books?

Pauline Frommer:
This is a family business. Five years ago, my dad and I re-acquired the guides and it’s a great business.


Veganworldtrekker: What is your favorite responsibility in your job?

Pauline Frommer:
I’m proud that we hire local journalists; keeping terrific, talented writers afloat. I hire local writers and we get better quality with local talent.
Veganworldtrekker: She is referring to hiring journalists who reside in the countries that each of the guide books represent.

Veganworldtrekker: You are the Editorial Director for all of the Frommer’s guides, as well as the writer for the New York City guide. How would you describe the Frommer’s guides content and style?

Pauline Frommer:
We have three guide types.
– A country guide that is in color with a fold out map.
– Easy Guides that is a city-based book. Its black and white with shorter lead time to print.
– Day to Day Guides with a trim size. Brisk and fun intros such as the “neighborhoods of Brooklyn” or day walks based on an interest such as “African-American history”.

Veganworldtrekker: What is your own personal style of travel?

Pauline Frommer:
I tend to travel independently most of the time. I feel that you are wasting money on hotels. Usually, its just a place to sleep. I go for cheapest options that are centrally located. I am not a luxury traveler but if a local chef is in town, I will splurge on that(meal).

Veganworldtrekker: Who are the typical readers of the Frommer’s guides?

Pauline Frommer:
We know that our readers are 60% female, 40% male. They are educated. They are curious folks that like to explore the world.

Veganworldtrekker: On what aspects of travel should travelers splurge the most and for what facets of travel is it ok to cut costs?

Pauline Frommer:
I don’t think you should cut costs on attractions. You should splurge on museums and tours. Look at why you are there. I took a vegan cooking class at a local community apartment. It was really fun. You can cut costs on transportation. There is great public transportation. You can go walking. I never cut costs on attractions and tours(walking tours).

Veganworldtrekker: What are your recommendations for budget-friendly travel destinations in 2019 and what do these locations offer that attracts cost-conscious travelers?

Pauline Frommer:
Tahiti is much more affordable than it used to be. You can take flights to Austral Islands(French Polynesia). Only locally owned guesthouses.Simple and lovely palm roof shacks on the beach. You live and eat like Gauguin. My friend Rolf Potts(travel writer) had a great time in Jakarta. $12/night accommodations and $2 meals. Indonesia tends to be inexpensive outside of Bali. In Western Europe, Portugal tends to be a less expensive nation. Frommer’s “Best Places to Go in 2019” recommends the “Estrada Nacional 2″(Portugal’s version of Route 66) driving tour. Start in the mountains. Go to ancient villages, and end up on the Algarve Coast. In the interior of country, its less expensive and less crowds.

Veganworldtrekker: My readers are mainly vegans and vegetarians. What budget-friendly destinations do you suggest that also offer a veggie-friendly scene?

Pauline Frommer:
Most of Southeast Asia comes to mind. Vietnam, Thailand, and India. You go with the cuisine that you find at home with vegan options.

Veganworldtrekker: Any final thoughts or anything to add?

Pauline Frommer:
I hope everyone will go to frommers.com. You can get travel guides for free for anywhere that we go.

Veganworldtrekker: Thank you so much for your time today, Pauline. My readers on veganworldtrekker.com will appreciate the budget travel advice that you’ve shared with us. I look forward to attending your presentation at the Boston Travel and Adventure Show!

I highly recommend attending the Boston Travel and Adventure Show on February 9th and 10th at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts. Attendees can discover amazing travel destinations, meet travel authors and tv travel show hosts after their presentations, plan their next vacation with experts in the travel industry, and watch performances of international song and dance groups!
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