I always look forward to a weekend getaway in a different U.S. state each and every year. From the East Coast to the West and from the North to the South, there are many fascinating destinations in America that are worthy of exploring. Whether its a breath-taking National Park or a really cool cultural scene, count me in! I’ve produced a list of my “Top 10” weekend trips in the United States to share with you.

1. Oregon Coast
The Oregon Coastline is quite stunning. Driving along the shore, visitors encounter many little islands and lava rock formations known as monoliths. Various size monoliths peer out from the waters. Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach is the largest one. Goldenrods and other beautiful flowers grace the roadway along the coastal route, as well. Further up the coast, a stop at Ecola State Park will give visitors a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean and the monoliths. “Old Growth” forest trees proudly stand in the nearby woods. One may even catch a glimpse of sea lions resting at the waterfront pier in the coastal town of Astoria. I recommend getting accommodations in the city of Portland, which is renowned for its vegan-friendly dining scene of food carts, restaurants, and a vegan mini-mall.

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2. Rocky Mountains Colorado
Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado is a nature lover’s paradise. From streams and waterfalls to forests teeming with birds and wildlife, the drive into the park is spectacular. Eventually, you reach the the snow-capped summit. After exiting the park, visitors may make a stop at the Continental Divide marking. With Denver as a base, vegans can find great dining.

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3. Utah National Parks
Utah is home to several magnificent national parks. I recommend a visit to Arches National Park and Canyonlands. Both are quick day trips from the town of Moab. Cactus, colorful flowers, indigenous “rock art”, and dinosaur footprints await the park’s guests. At Canyonlands, the “Island in the Sky” Mesa leads eager tourists to towering rock pinnacles. The Colorado River winds its way throughout the park. Arches National Park is true to its name, as dozens of arch-shaped rock formations greet you along your drive. After a mesmerizing day at the parks, the town of Moab awaits with its fulfilling vegan dining scene and interesting art galleries and shops in its center. Moab even has its own vegan food truck called “Moab Kitchen”.

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4. Mount Rushmore South Dakota
In the central region of the United States, the state of South Dakota is popular with tourists desiring to visit Mount Rushmore. The famous sculpture depicts the faces of four American presidents, carved into the massive granite rock. Custer State Park is the first and largest state park in the state. An abundance of wildlife reside in the park. Badlands National Park is a popular tourist destination with its large canyons and epic rock formations. Bison, prairie dogs, and bighorn sheep roam abouts its landscape. Before exiting the park route, visitors can check out the Prairie Homestead. This is a typical prairie “sod home” for those setting in the Great Plains about a century ago. An abandoned(i.e “ghost town”) town in nearby Scenic, South Dakota makes for a fun stop to view its old jail, post office, and saloon. Rapid City, South Dakota offers several options for vegan meals.


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5. Yellowstone National Park Wyoming
Wyoming’s national treasure is it’s area of Yellowstone National Park. Old Faithful Geyser, thermal pools, lakes, and towering trees make this a captivating holiday getaway destination. Grand Teton National Park is another nearby park which is comprised of lush forests, vast lakes, and snowy mountains. A drive through its interior will encounter grizzly bears, a log cabin homestead, and an original Mormon settlement. The town of Jackson offers options for some wonderful vegan dining.

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6. Grand Canyon Arizona
Everyone dreams of the “vacation of a lifetime” to explore the Grand Canyon in Arizona. The Grand Canyon is a vast and deep canyon carved out by the Colorado River. Its South Rim is the most sought after by tourists. Luxurious El Tovar Hotel and the lofty Desert Watch Tower, with its spectacular panoramic views, are impressive landmarks to visit. A stop at Navajo Nation gives travelers an opportunity to purchase some local souvenirs from the Navajo peoples. Distant views of the Painted River and Colorado River Gorge can be seen in the distance. Downtown Phoenix offers superb vegan dining and desserts.

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7. Mississippi Delta
Mississippi ranks high on my favorite USA destinations list, due to its place in the historic “Delta Blues” music scene and southern charm. In fact, the Mississippi Delta is known as the “Birthplace of the Blues”. Biloxi and Ocean Springs are lovely cities representing the beauty of the Gulf Coast. I started my holiday there and then headed up north to the Delta. People here are incredibly friendly and helpful to tourists. I landed in the small town of Clarksdale, where many blues musicians started their careers. A Blues Museum, Riverside Hotel, and blues music clubs are must-see places while in the area. Blues legends such as Johnny Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters had lived in the Riverside Hotel. Along the roads in town, “Blues Markers” commemorate blues musicians and blues history. Its a compelling place to visit. The capital city of Jackson is home to several dining establishments that offer tasty vegan meals.

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8. Miami Florida
Florida is the land of sunshine and beaches. Nothing represents that more than the city of Miami. From its stunning beaches to its attractive and colorful “Art Deco” architecture, the city’s beauty is undeniable. The “Little Havana” neighborhood is most definitely worth a visit to check out the Cuban music, art and sculpture, and dining scene. You can watch elderly Cuban men playing boards games in a gaming area under an outdoor canopy. At night, the city becomes even more alive with neon lights shining on the buildings and vibrant nightlife. Gourmet vegan dining, as well as health-conscious cafes, make this a premier destination.

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9. Long Island Lavender and the Hamptons
Long Island is a lengthy island near New York. The northern tip can be reached easily by taking a ferry from New London, Connecticut. Upon arrival in East Marion, Long Island; an inter-city bus escorts riders to towns along its route across the island. The town of East Marion is a mere five or so minutes away from the arrival ferry terminal port. Lavender By The Bay is the main attraction in town. Various hues of lavender adorn the fields. A gift shop onsite allows guests to purchase fresh lavender, lavender tea, and other aromatic items. The inter-city bus stops across the road and tourists may easily hop on for a two hour ride to the Hamptons on the island’s east side. EastHampton, Southhampton, and bridgehampton are known as the infamous playground of the rich and famous. Upscale boutiques, historic mansions, and a thriving beach scene are sure to please any tourist. The Hamptons have several vegan-friendly spots for breakfast, lunch/dinner, and ice cream.

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10. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts
Nantucket is a small island off of the southern coast of Massachusetts. It is my favorite destination in the entire USA! From quaint cobblestone streets to its glorious beaches, this is a popular and beloved Summer getaway location. The isle also is home to the Maria Mitchell Observatory, the first American female astronomer. Tourists may enjoy a stroll along the cobblestone pathways to view the historic mansions on upper Main Street. A visit to the many specialty shops and boutiques in the town center can fill a traveler’s afternoon itinerary. After a day at the beach or in the shops, one will enjoy sitting on a wooden bench on Easy Street or the bottom of Main Street to watch the yachts on the shimmering ocean waters. Nantucket town offers several vegan-friendly dining establishments, as well as vegan ice cream.


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These “Top 10” USA getaways are fabulous places for your next vacation! I highly recommend a visit to any of these destinations. From beaches to culture to history, they’ve got it all!

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